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Event Recap: 100 Days of Trump

By Joel Lindsay

On the evening of the 23rd of May 2017, the United Nations Young Professionals of Queensland welcomed Professor Sarah McGaughey and Dr Melanie O’Brien to a night of politically charged inquiry. In commemoration of the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, UNYP hosted an event looking into the successes and failures of the worlds most talked about head of state. It was a night not to be missed, and we would like to thank all our friends, both old and new for attending! Professor McGaughey opened up the discussion with her analysis of the current U.S administration’s policy of ‘rolling back globalisation’. This includes taxing foreign imports and cracking down on multinational companies engaging in profit shifting and tax avoidance. It will be interesting to see if President Trump will make good on his campaign promises of ‘getting tough’ on China! We then gave the floor to Dr. Melanie O’Brien who brought her expertise in international human rights to the discussion. We explored the separation of powers that exist in the United States, and the worrying trend of President Trump’s administration continually disparaging the judicial system, an important part of the US system of checks and balances. Dr. O’Brien then took us through the issue of refugee rights and so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ that have refused to deport illegal immigrants in the face of presidential orders, resulting in their being threatened with losses of federal funding. Scarily, there has even been talk about the possible dismantling of the 9th circuit court of appeals. Overall the night was incredibly informative, and all in attendance enjoyed a lively discussion afterwards against the backdrop of the Brisbane skyline from the Griffith University, Southbank. We want to say thanks again to both Professor Sarah McGaughey and Dr Melanie O’Brien for giving up their time to share their insights with us, as well as all our fantastic members and friends who make the United Nations community so great! So great! We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event in July! Get ready to explore the world of cyber warfare, smart systems, and artificial intelligence!!

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